Medal of Honor Reunion Night

For the 3 people who check the forum, there's an MOH Night scheduled for Saturday 5/12/15.

Hopefully people turn up! Some info about the game:

1) After you install the game you need to install the patches (make sure you install the patches in order, i.e. MOH Allied Assault first, then Spearhead's). Grimm from K6clan has a good walk-through and links to patches here:

2) Xfire closed down a few months ago, so this is a good alternative to find and connect to servers: Alternatively, you can write down a server's IP and connect through the game. If Pirate sets up a server, we will have to do the latter.

3) Microsoft have blocked an old driver that verified copyright for disk based games. So you might get "Please login with administrator privileges" when you try to get into MOH. There might be better ways, but one way is to manually re-open that driver by entering the following into Command Prompt:

sc config secdrv start= demand
sc start secdrv

To turn it back off:

sc config secdrv start= disabled